• Access to our Rewards Your Way Programme
    • Redeem points for World Travel (any airline, no blackout periods), Grocery, Spa Retreats, Appliances, Confectionary, Home and Garden, Charity donation, even Gift Certificates!
    • Earn 1 point for each J$100 or US$1 spent
  • No blackout periods and travel points can be used on any airline
  • Local and international use - provides instant purchasing power at over 25 million merchants worldwide
  • Travel Accident Insurance - provides automatic, free coverage of up to US$ 250,000 against accidental death, dismemberment or paralysis when traveling with a commercial carrier once the tickets are purchased (in full) with this card. Coverage shields the cardholder, spouse and unmarried, dependent children.
  • Auto Rental Insurance - Insurance coverage for damages to the rental vehicle due to collision, theft, vandalism, accidental fire for a rental period of up to 31 days. The customer must initiate and pay for the rental in full with this card and decline the Collision Damage Waiver or similar coverage; all drivers must be included in the rental agreement.
  • Emergency Cash Advance - Cardholders may request a cash advance and receive funds anywhere in the world.
  • Emergency Assistance Services - Receive assistance anywhere in the world, by calling the Visa Customer Service Centre. Customers travelling outside of Jamaica, receive access to Emergency Card Replacement for a lost or stolen card.
  • Travel Assistance - While travelling, receive assistance for lost baggage, emergency ticket replacement, and much more.
  • Split/Shared-Limit Card –The split limit allows a primary cardholder to allocate a portion of the entire account limit to an additional card.
  • Virtual Card – Designed to reduce the risks associated with shopping online, the virtual card is ideal for online or card-absent shopping and has a limit that is a percentage of the actual card limit.
  • 24-hour Call Centre Services - Access the Visa Customer Service Centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere you are!
  • Increased Security - Receive email alerts on card activity.
  • PLUS Earn triple rewards points when you sign up for the GK Value Rewards GK Value Rewards programme!.

Documents you need

This card is denominated in Jamaican dollars and offers up to 55 days interest free credit term.
When applying for the FGB Visa Gold Card, you will need:

  • Current job letter (if self-employed, a Financial Statement from your accountant)
  • Last three (3) pay slips
  • Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
  • Photo Identification (Driver’s Licence or valid passport)
  • Current account or Credit Card Statement for the last three (3) months for non-FGB customers
  • Completed Credit Card Application Form