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Rewards Your Way

About FGB Rewards


What is FGB Rewards Your Way?

It’s First Global Bank’s ground-breaking Credit Card Rewards Programme.

Earn Points with everyday purchases and choose your Rewards from a wide range of goods and services. Are you planning a vacation, or shopping for top-of-the-line home appliances? Sign up now and be a part of this unique FGB experience.

Which cardholders are eligible?

All FGB Personal cardholders

  • Visa Classic
  • Visa Gold
  • Visa Platinum
How do I enroll in the Programme?

By becoming an FGB Personal Banking Cardholder, you will automatically be enrolled in the Programme. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Sign up now!

How do I earn points?
  • You earn one (1) Reward Point with every purchase of J$100, or US$1 charged to your Credit Card account.
  • You also earn Points when the ‘additional’ cardholder makes purchases. These Points earned are rolled up into your account.
  • You don't earn Points on cash advances, interest charges, or fees paid. However, you earn Points if you use your Credit Card to pay utility or other bills.
  • Points earned are recorded on your Credit Card account.
  • The number of Points you have accumulated will also be recorded on your Monthly Credit Card Statement.
  • Points expire three (3) years after they are generated.
  • There is a points cap per quarter. No points will be earned once this cap is reached
How do I redeem Points?
  • Go to the Rewards Website and you will be asked to enter your Credit Card number to initiate the registration process.
  • We will send an email to the email address on record for your Credit Card. This email will contain instructions for completing the registration process.
  • Once you have registered and selected a password, you can log in to the Rewards Site.
  • Browse the available Reward options in each category and make your selection, based on the number of Points needed for redemption.
  • An ‘order’ will be placed and an e-voucher generated for the requested item/service.
  • Take the voucher to the merchant/service provider to access your Reward.
  • For air travel - the voucher must be submitted to the Travel Agent, and the reservation confirmed and ticketed, fourteen (14) days before your scheduled departure date. If the ticket price exceeds the amount redeemed you are required to pay the difference.
Will there be special offers from time to time?

Yes. Sign up now and you’ll be able to take advantage of seasonal promotions from our Reward partners and earn bonus Points.

How many points do I need to redeem Rewards?

Log on to the Website and browse our Rewards Catalogue for information on the number of Points required for each Reward item

However, in relation to travel, where the ticket cost falls outside of the approved points customers can pay the travel agency the difference for the tickets or upgrade using their points (in increments of 5000) or in cash.

Who pays the taxes on Reward items?

You are responsible for payment of all taxes, fees and services charges.

Are there any flight restrictions or blackout dates for air travel Rewards?

No! You can fly anywhere, at anytime on any airline – with no blackout periods. You can travel on holidays, weekends, and during other busy periods throughout the year.

How far in advance should I book my airline ticket?

Airline tickets must be booked at least 14 days in advance. If you need to make a booking less than 14 days in advance, the Standard Flight Redemption Chart provided on the Website will not apply.

For assistance in calculating the Points required, contact the FGB Customer Care Centre.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

Cancellations or other changes are subject to the policies of our vendor partners. In some cases cancellations are not allowed, or attract additional fees. All such fees will be borne by you and may be non-refundable.

Can I buy extra points?

Not at this point, but at some time in the future

Can I use my Points to book Rewards for someone else?

Yes. How you choose to redeem your Points and for whom, is totally up to you.

Can I transfer Points from one account to another?

If you are the principal cardholder you may choose to transfer points to another principal cardholder. In addition, if you are a principal cardholder on more than one FGB Credit Card account, you can combine the accumulated points on these accounts to redeem Rewards.

Can I exchange Reward Points for cash?

No! Points have no cash value and can only be exchanged for Rewards items.

Are Points awarded for paying my credit card bill and other banking transcations?

No. Points are not awarded for payments towards your credit card bill or other banking transactions for example, cash advances or balance transfers. However, you will earn Points if you use your credit card to pay utility or other bills.

How do I change information on my account such as my profile, address or phone number?

Just contact our Customer Care Centre and an FGB representative will assist you.

Can I change/re-assign the Travel Agency Merchant of my order?

No. Unfortunately once your order is approved it is deemed final and no other changes will be possible thereafter.

How do I link my FGB credit card to the GK Value Rewards programme?

Link your Visa card account to your GK Value Rewards programme membership account. You can complete this action and get all the details here.

Remember you earn double points when you use your FGB Credit Card at any of the participating GK subsidiaries per each J$100 spent.

*Participating subsidiaries include Hi-Lo, GK General Insurance, Bill Express and FX Trader.

*Points are awarded on post-tax spend.

How will I track my accumulated Points?

Your Points Balance will be included on your Monthly Statement, along with Rewards Your Way updates and information on special offers.

You can also check your Points Balance by contacting our 24-hour Customer Care Centre.

Are the Terms and Conditions governing the Rewards Programme available for viewing?

Yes. The Terms and Conditions are available for viewing.